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HampshireHay & Straw Ltd, Four Marks, Alton, Hampshire


Tel: 01420-481238
Mobile: 07729-011072
Email: enquiries@hampshirehay.co.uk

Haylage, Hay and Straw - Equestrian Arenas - Field & Yard Maintenance - Fencing - Agricultural Services

Fencing: new projects or repairs. Chestnut, half round/sawn post & rail, deer proof, stock fencing, chain link, wooden panel, line wire, barbed wire, rabbit proof, chicken wire

Avoid price increases and winter shortages. Pre-order your hay from us now. Pay upfront for a fixed price. Discounts for bulk orders. We can also store it for you and deliver as required.

Pre-order hay: fixed price, discounts for bulk ordering, avoid price increases and winter shortages

Quality Hay & Straw Purchased by the bale or as standing grass by the acre 
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We regularly deliver to:

  • Hampshire
  • Surrey
  • West Sussex
  • East Sussex
  • Wiltshire
  • Dorset
  • Berkshire
  • Buckinghamshire

UK-wide delivery available
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Hampshire Hay; Haylage, Meadow Hay, Straw Agricultural Services: contracting, sub-contracting. Hay, straw & haylage harvested, round, small and large bales, wrapped if required

*** Dust-Free Shavings Now Available ***

Haylage, Hay & Straw:

  • Producers and suppliers of quality haylage, hay and straw for horses & ponies; harvested from clean, weed- & ragwort-free, arable, Hampshire pasture. Small, large & round bales available. Small & large orders welcome. UK-wide delivery

Equestrian Arenas:

  • Superb, affordable, equestrian arenas & ménages built to your specification and needs. Choice of surface. Every aspect from planning through to completion. 

Field & Yard Maintenance:

  • Field topping, harrowing, rolling, re-seeding, drainage. Machinery available to cater for all sizes - small paddocks to large farms. Muck heaps removed. Digger hire available – with or without driver


  • New projects or repairs. Chestnut, half-round/sawn post & rail, deer proof, stock fencing, chain link, wooden panel, line wire, barbed wire, rabbit proof, chicken wire

Agricultural Services:

  • Contracting: Hay, Straw & Haylage cut, baled and wrapped (if required) from your pasture. Round, large & traditional bales. Field size from five acres (no upper limit). Machinery hire available
Hay & Straw Merchant in Hampshire
Equestrian Arenas, Menages, Sand Schools, Lungeing Rings

Quality arenas constructed for all equestrian disciplines

Choice of surface to suit your requirement and budget; riding, driving, dressage, eventing, show jumping

From planing through to finished product

All built to a high specification and finish

Stables, field shelters, barns and animal enclosures also available

UK-wide service
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Equestrian Arenas, Menages, Sand Schools, Lungeing Rings
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